Vulkan Programming Training


Vulkan – next generation graphics API, is the latest offering by Khronos, the group behind standards such as OpenGL, OpenGL ES, OpenCL and WebGL. Vulkan aims to be the next industry standard Graphic API that seeks to address issues faced by its contemparies while ensuring superior performance.

It will demonstrate key concepts using sophisticated techniques on shaders, rendering, texturing, lighting, modelling and so on.


Vulkan Programming Training



  • Setting up VULKAN Project and VULKAN Window and understanding the win main function as the startpoint of our vulkan application
  • Understanding the meaning and the function of the major VULKAN Elements, like: Surfaces, Devices, Swap-Chains, Images, Queues and Comand Buffers.
  • Get to know the Vulkan Pipleline and its stages.
  • Working of Vertex shader and Fragment shader
  • Organizing 3D data in code and how to store and load the 3d data into VULKAN app.
  • Handling the 3D data and copying data to the GPU memory for fast use.Vulkan, vulkan api, graphics programming, opengl, opengl es, spir-v
  • Proper way of managing resources like buffers and images and the best way to keep and eye on memory management
  • Moving Data and presenting render results in VULKAN and what swap-chains can do.




The Course Overview
Installation and Setup
Visual Studio VULKAN Project
The First VULKAN Window
The WinMain Function
Creating and Showing the First VULKAN Window
The Messaging in Window Systems



VULKAN Instance
VULKAN Surface
VULKAN Devices
VULKAN Swap-Chain
VULKAN Framebuffers


First VULKAN Output
VULKAN Vertex Buffer
Vertex Shader
Fragment Shader
Loading the Shaders
Descriptors and Bindings
VULKAN Pipelines
The Final Render-Call


Vulkan Programming Training

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