VMware vSphere Training


                     Computer virtualization is a well-known method that lets multiple applications to run inside a certain machine in order to provide efficient results. It’s also a good way to save money as it can lessen the usage of physical machines since virtual machines can be operated with just a single or a few devices.

VMware vSphere makes sure that this method will be fully learned through the use of its organized step-by-step guides.


VMware vSphere Training



  • Discover the forms of VMware, as well as create and maintain them for your machine.
  • Learn the concepts of vSphere Storage, as well as present and manage it within its environment.
  • Monitor the performance of the virtual environment that you made through the means of performance graphs and a special feature called ‘esxtop’.
  • Upgrade vSphere environments using its very own update manager.
  • Manage and create SSL certificates.




  • An Introduction to Server Virtualization using VMware
  • The Hypervisor – ESXi
  • The Management Layer – VMware vCenter
  • vSphere Networking Concepts and Management
  • vSphere Storage Concepts and Management
  • Advanced vSphere Infrastructure Management
  • Understanding Host Profile, Image Profiles and Auto Deploy
  • Virtual Machines Concepts and Management
  • Monitoring Performance of a vSphere Environment
  • Certificate Management for a vSphere Environment
  • Securing a vSphere Environment
  • Life Cycle Management of a vSphere Environment



VMware vSphere Training

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