VMware vRealize Orchestrator Training


                          VMware enables better methods in automation and for leveraging your tasks in the business. Using the full potential of the VMware vRealize Orcchestrator can help you automate the infrastructure of your VMware. It will educate you more about the basics of using VMware vRealize Orchestrator 7, along with its plugins such as Puppet, Chef, Docker and VMware Replication for you to fully grasp the tool’s capabilities.


It’s perfect for system administrators who want to fully exploit the features of VMware in order to provide better automation for their infrastructure. Basic programming knowledge is strictly needed here.


 VMware vRealize Orchestrator Training



  • Learn techniques in installing, configuring and optimizing the tool
  • Explore the different programming elements without the need of infrastructures as your guide.
  • Learn how to work with plugins like SSH, SQL, PowerShell, SOAP, mail, SNMP, REST and AMQP
  • Discover how to automate the VMware tool.




  • Installing and Configuring Orchestrator
  • Configuring External Authentication
  • Optimizing Orchestrator Configuration
  • Configuring the Orchestrator service SSL Certificate
  • Distributed Design
  • Programming Skills
  • Working with Packages
  • Visual Programming
  • Advanced Programming
  • Interacting with Orchestrator
  • Better Workflows and Optimized Working
  • Essential Plugins
  • Built-In Plugins
  • Additional Plugins
  • Working with vSphere
  • Working with vRealize Automation



 VMware vRealize Orchestrator Training

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