Virtualization Training Mumbai

Virtualization Training Mumbai

Virtualization Training Mumbai : Virtualization is a powerful, game-changing technology that is transforming data centers and IT environments. By establishing a bridge to agile IT services, Capgemini is helping organizations better align their IT investment with business value, paving the way to IT-as-a-Service.



Virtualization Training Mumbai

IT-as-a-Service reduces costs and provides self-managed virtual infrastructure without compromising control. Virtualization is the first step in the transformation towards IT-as-a-Service, laying the foundation for cloud computing through an agile and efficient infrastructure.

Virtualization is applicable across the desktop, storage, server, network and applications environments. By providing a more efficient way for the business to access IT-as-a-Service, virtualization enables organizations to rapidly respond to challenges and opportunities in their marketplace.

Course Outline : Virtualization Training Mumbai

Virtualization Concepts

  • Defining virtual machines (servers and workstations)
  • Advantages of deploying Vms
  • VMware Workstation
  • Server
  • ESXi
  • Oracle VirtualBox
  • Hyper-V
  • Others

Creating Virtual Machines

Comparing workstation products

  • Functionality
  • Performance
  • Contrasting Windows and Linux hosts

Abstracting hardware

  • Partitioning shared resources
  • Accessing raw and virtual disks
  • Virtualizing CPU and memory resources

Deploying virtual workstation software

  • Planning for automatic installations
  • Designing virtual networks
  • Bridged, NAT and host-only networking

Building guest operating systems

  • Allocating host resources
  • Configuring virtual hard drives
  • Managing peripheral devices

Exploiting Virtual Workstation Functionality

Creating support platforms

  • Readying multiple operating systems
  • Suspending and resuming virtual workstations

Expanding application support

  • Extending legacy application life
  • Resolving version conflicts

Constructing a test environment

  • Accessing host files
  • Taking and restoring snapshots

Developing training environments

  • Protecting guest operating systems
  • Exploiting nonpersistent disks

Partitioning Servers

Establishing requirements

  • Justifying server virtualization
  • Partitioning via hardware and software
  • Recognizing server functionality needs

Choosing virtual server hosts

  • Evaluating performance and features
  • Considering security implications

Executing server VMs

  • Working in interactive mode
  • Implementing headless operation

Managing virtual servers remotely

  • Exploiting remote management consoles
  • Connecting to the web interfaces
  • Securing remote management

Deploying virtual servers

  • Automating tasks via scripting
  • Migrating physical to virtual servers
  • Accessing Storage Area Networks (SANs)

Clustering virtual machines

  • Distributing workloads via Network Load Balancing (NLB)
  • Establishing fault tolerance with clustering services

Data Center Virtualization with ESXi

Building the architecture

  • Examining ESXi architecture

Leveraging ESXi features

  • Networking with vSwitches and port groups
  • Optimizing resource utilization

Managing Microsoft Hyper-V

  • Maintaining virtual machines
  • Contrasting Hyper-V and ESXi architecture
  • Implementing remote management tools
  • Securing virtual machine deployments
  • Reducing attack surface with Server Core


Virtualization Training Mumbai


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