Virtualization Training Hyderabad

Virtualization Training Hyderabad

Virtualization is a vastly important topic to IT managers. It allows one computer to run multiple operating systems, leading to a more efficient use of hardware resources. In this course Martin Guidry explores the crucial concepts behind today’s virtualization tech, its pros and cons, common uses, and hardware requirements.


Virtualization Training Hyderabad


Virtualization is a technology that has proven the benefits of cloud computing and clearly helped us all understand its power.

In a traditional computing environment, a single computer runs a single operating system and several applications.  If you have ever viewed the CPU (central processing unit) usage on your computer running a Windows operating system, you have seen that usage often hovers around the 25% level and spikes from time to time as applications are loaded or files are read from or written to.


The Two Types of Virtualization

Network virtualization optimizes network speed, flexibility and reliability by dividing bandwidth into independent channels assigned to individual virtual computers.  The key benefit to most businesses here is scalability.  Network virtualization is scalable on demand by effectively managing sudden, large surges in usage.

Storage virtualization is similar to network virtualization in that there is fast, reliable access to a pool of resources.  Multiple storage devices are pooled into what appears to be a single storage device.  This virtual device (the pooled resources) is then managed from a central server.  Storage virtualization accelerates data access and dynamically expands storage capacity as demand increases.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of virtualization
  • Virtualizing computer desktops
  • Designing a private cloud
  • Choosing the best virtualization solution for you
  • Creating a virtual machine with Hyper-V and VMware Workstation
  • Configuring your network for virtualization
  • Backing up, restoring, and migrating virtual machines

Virtualization Training Hyderabad


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