Unreal Game Engine Training

Unreal Game Engine: Architectural Visualization

 Unreal Engine is a complete suite of game development tools made by game developers forgame developers. From 2D mobile games to console blockbusters, indie experiments, and virtual reality, Unreal Engine can power it all.


In this course, We covers the essentials of level design, lighting, effects, Visual Scripting, cinematics, and game packaging with Unreal. We covers creating your first project, building a base landscape, blocking out levels, and exporting and importing assets for use in the design.


Learn how to showcase an architectural design in real time, using the Unreal 4 game engine. A cutting-edge game engine, Unreal is known for sophisticated look development due to its robust lighting and physically based materials, and its tools work equally well for highly detailed and interactive architectural renderings.


This course will guide users through importing model elements and setting up components for basic interactivity. From there, author Adam Crespi will create and apply realistic materials and lighting

Unreal Game Engine Training


Learn Video Game Development with this Unreal Engine 4 Course for Beginners

  • Projects & Levels
  • Actor Types
  • Meshes & Brushes
  • Lighting
  • Materials
  • Characters & Input
  • Collisions
  • Blueprint Logic & Data
  • User Interfaces
  • Audio


What are the pre-requisites for this Course?

  • Learn game development, create games, and run them on the Unreal Engine 4
  • Build realistic looking environments for games to take place in
  • Define custom inputs and movements to control characters
  • Script logic to define gameplay without needing to know how to code


Who should go for this Course?

  • absolute beginners who are interested in making games & learning how to design a game from scratch using UE4
  • No programming experience required


Course Contents


1: Getting Started

Registration & Installation

2: The Level Editor

Level Editor Overview
Place Mode
Viewport I – Navigating Within the Viewport
Viewport II – Moving, Rotating, and Scaling Actors Within the Viewport
Viewport III – Snapping
Viewport IV – Different Ways To View Your Level
Content Browser I – Overview & Finding Content
Content Browser II – Adding, Importing, and Saving
Content Browser III – The View Options Menu
Content Browser IV – Content Browser Windows
Details Panel I – Details Panel Interface
Details Panel II – The Transform Category
World Outliner

3: Actors

Static Meshes
Atmospheric Fog
Player Start

4: Blueprints

Introduction to Blueprints
Flow Control
Accessing Actors Within Blueprints
Blueprint Classes

5: Players & Input

Game Modes
Input Mapping
Setting Up Basic Character Movement

6: Collisions

Collisions I – Collisions Overview
Collisions II – Causing Damage Due to Collisions
Collisions III – Projectile Collisions

7: User Interfaces

UMG Overview
Root Widget
Canvas Panel
Common Widget Properties
Visual Designer
Text Widget
Button Widget
Border Widget & Image Widget
Progress Bar Widget
Check Box Widget
Horizontal Box and Vertical Box
Grid Panel & Uniform Grid Panel
Scale Box & Size Box

8: Audio

Audio I – Audio Overview & Sound Waves
Audio II – Sound Cues
Audio III – Attenuation
Audio IV – Importing and Converting Audio

9: Additional Topics

Downloading Content From the Epic Games Launcher
Importing 3D Objects From the Internet



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