Unity Virtual Reality Training


                          Look into the world of Virtual Reality when you build immersive and fun VR projects with Unity 3D. In this course, you will understand and apply the basic principles of Virtual Reality Applications by knowing how they differ from Games and Desktop Applications.

You will be able to build various types of VR experiences such as first-person characters, diorama, 360 degree projections, riding on rails, and social VR. This project-based guide will also teach you how to use Unity to develop VR Applications.


Unity Virtual Reality Training



  •         Produce 3D scenes using Unity and Blender while learning world space and scale
  •         Try various UI (User Interface) techniques that can be used in VR Applications
  •         Learn about the technology basics of VR such as rendering and VR motion sickness
  •         Gain advanced experience in Unity programming using C# language



1: Virtually Everything for Everyone

2: Objects and Scale

3: VR Build and Run

4: Gaze-based Control

5: World Space UI

6: First-person Character

7: Physics and the Environment

8: Walkthroughs and Rendering

9: Using All 360 Degrees

10: Social VR Metaverse


Unity Virtual Reality Training

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