Unity 3D Game Development

Unity 3D Game Development

This course teaches the core skills for Game Development in Unity 3D. Once you’ve completed this course you can take your skills even further with our Advanced Unity 3D Game Development course

This Unity 3D Game Development training course from Infinite Skills introduces you to the fundamentals of 3D game design with the Unity engine. This tutorial is designed with the absolute beginner in mind; no prior experience with Unity is required.
You will start by exploring the Unity interface, and learning how to manipulate objects in the editor.

Learn how to create video games using Unity 3D, the free-to-use game development tool. We start super simple so you need no prior experience or Unity of coding!


What will you get from this Course?

  • Learn C#, a powerful modern language.
  • Develop a positive attitude to problem solving.
  • Gain an excellent general knowledge of game creation.
  • Learn how object oriented programming works in practice.
  • Transfer your knowledge to .NET, other languages, and more.


Who should go for this Course?

  • Anyone Who Wants To Learn How To Create Professional 3D Games
  • Level: Beginners


Course Contents

1: Introduction

What Is Unity And Who Uses It?
What You Should Expect From This Video Series
3D Modelling And Image Editing In This Series


2: Using The Interface

Creating A New Unity Project
Layouts, Panes And Tabs

3: Manipulating Objects



4: Importing And Exporting Assets

Types Of Assets – Part 1
Types Of Assets – Part 2
Importing 3D Models
Importing Audio
Importing Textures – Part 1
Importing Textures – Part 2
Importing Scripts
Asset Packages

5: Setting The Scene

Adding Components To A Game Object
Realistic Terrain
The Scene Border
Catch All Zone – Part 1
Catch All Zone – Part 2
Catch All Zone – Part 3
Catch All Zone – Part 4

6: Physics

Rigid Bodies And Colliders – Part 1
Rigid Bodies And Colliders – Part 2
Physics Material
Cloth – Part 1
Cloth – Part 2
Rag Doll

7: Combining Assets

Texture Atlases
3D Modelling Programs

8: Populating The Scene

Adding Meshes
Marking Meshes As Static

9: Behaviour Scripting

Languages – Part 1
Languages – Part 2
Languages – Part 3
Game Objects
Procedural Object Instantiation – Part 1
Procedural Object Instantiation – Part 2
Pickup And Scoring – Part 1
Pickup And Scoring – Part 2
Pickup And Scoring – Part 3
Pickup And Scoring – Part 4

10: Culling

Camera Culling
Distance Culling
Occlusion Culling

11: Animation

Procedural Animation
Unity Animation
Procedural Character Animation – Part 1
Procedural Character Animation – Part 2
Procedural Character Animation – Part 3
Mecanim Character Animation – Part 1
Mecanim Character Animation – Part 2
Mecanim Character Animation – Part 3
Mecanim Character Animation – Part 4


12: Let There Be Light

Render Settings Ambient Light
Sun And Moon Directional Light
Point Light And Local Illumination
Fixing Lighting Bugs
Spot Light – Part 1
Spot Light – Part 2
Emissive Material
Baking The Light Map

13: GUI

Unity GUI – Part 1
Unity GUI – Part 2
Third Party GUI
GUI Directions

14: Final Touches

Cross Platform Settings
Resolution And Presentation
Game Icon
Game Splash Image
Other Settings
Building Standalone Apps For Mac, Windows, And Linux



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