Threat Forecasting Training


Threat Forecasting demonstrates how to predict security intelligence in order to develop techniques in forecasting security threats in the business. With Threat Forecasting, you will also learn data visualization, predict different breaches in your business’s system for future protection, as well as learn practically through threat simulation. It’s a way for business owners and those who protect its system to gain tactics to improve their way of protecting their data from potential threats like attackers.


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  • Discover proven case studies and data from businesses to learn threat data. It can provide you a way to derive techniques from these data.
  • Learn a methodology to conduct analyses for various threat forecasts.
  • Explore using a model meant for kill chaining in order to provide security intelligence strategies.





  • Navigating Today’s Threat Landscape
  • Threat Forecasting in General
  • Security Intelligence
  • Identifying Knowledge Elements
  • Knowledge Sharing and Community Support
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Simulation
  • Kill Chain Modelling
  • Connecting the Dots
  • The Road Ahead


Threat Forecasting Training

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