The Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK) Training

Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK)

The Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK) is an open-source toolkit for commercial-grade distributed deep learning. It describes neural networks as a series of computational steps via a directed graph.

CNTK allows the user to easily realize and combine popular model types such as feed-forward DNNs, convolutional neural networks (CNNs) and recurrent neural networks (RNNs/LSTMs). CNTK implements stochastic gradient descent (SGD, error backpropagation) learning with automatic differentiation and parallelization across multiple GPUs and servers.

CNTK can be included as a library in your Python, C#, or C++ programs, or used as a standalone machine-learning tool through its own model description language (BrainScript). In addition you can use the CNTK model evaluation functionality from your Java programs.



Course Contents

Loading Data
Understanding and Extending Readers
Read and Feed Data to CNTK Trainer
Write a Custom Deserializer
Create User Minibatch Sources

Training a Model
Interpreting epoch_size, minibatch_size_in_samples and MinibatchSource.next_minibatch in CNTK
Train Model using Declarative and Imperative API
CNTK Learners
Distributed Training

Using TensorBoard for Visualization
Using Graphviz for Visualization

Debugging in CNTK
Performance Profiler
Debug CNTK Python Programs

Extending CNTK

Model Evaluation

Evaluation on Windows
Evaluation on Linux
Evaluation on Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
NuGet Package

CNTK Evaluation Interfaces
CNTK Evaluation Interfaces
CNTK Library C++ Eval interface
CNTK Library C# interface
CNTK Library Java

Evaluation Examples

Deploying on Azure
Deploying on Azure
Evaluate a Model in an Azure WebApi
Deploy a Model to Azure Container Services (AKS)

Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit Training


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