The Amazon Way on IoT Training


The Amazon Way on the Internet of Things focuses on principles that will help you learn conduct sales online. It has techniques that will allow you to understand customer experiences fully in order to completely dominate the online market. It also has a way to provide you a step-by-step procedure in order to let you start slowly but surely. The Amazon Way on IoT will fully educate you in the various matters happening on the internet in order to make you fully grasp the market and improve your business further.


The Amazon Way on IoT Training




  • Learn Results-driven strategies
  • Become a platform business online with the maximization of the Internet of Things.
  • Learn to disrupt the industry-value chain.
  • Discover the Synergies of the ‘Flywheel’ – a powerful tool to exploit in the online market.
  • Develop your own IoT strategy in the online market.





  • Connect the Dots
  • Introduction in IoT
  • Reinvent Customer Experiences with Connected Devices
  • Enabling customers Anytime, Any Way
  • – Continuous Improvements via Connected Devices
  • Do the Math – How IoT Enables Better Insights and Analysis
  • Think Big, but Start Small
  • How to Become a Platform Business Using the Internet of things
  • The Outcome-Based Business Model
  • The Data Is The Business Model
  • Disrupting the Industry-Value Chain
  • Synergies of the Flywheel
  • Developing your IoT Strategy and Plan
  • A Checklist for Developing your Internet of Things Strategy



The Amazon Way on IoT Training

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