Swift Development for the Apple Watch Training

Apple Watch App Development Training

By the end of this course, you will:
  • Master the concepts of Apple Watch app development
  • Create solid app portfolio using the demonstrations within the course
  • Imbibe the knowledge of using Xcode 7 IDE, Swift 2 programming, iOS9 along with Watch Kit and Watch Connectivity frameworks
  • Be able to develop your own apps for Apple Watch


Who should do this course?

This course is intended for individuals who are keen on mobile app development.
In addition, this course will benefit anyone, amateur or professional, who wants to learn how to create Apple Watch apps and understand the underlying technologies that power wearable technologies.

Course Contents: Swift Development for the Apple Watch Training

Introduction to the Course
Concept Video Preview
Introduction to the Course
Overview of Building Apps for the Apple Watch
Overview How to build Apps
How to Install Xcode from the App Store
Watch app creation process
Swift 2.0? Things to keep in mind
Learning Swift 2.0
Swift Basic Syntax, Variables, and Constant
Number Types
If/Else, Switch conditional statements
Swift’s ternary operator
Collection Types – Arrays, Dictionaries, Sets, Tuples
Loops – for While Loops
Optionals in Swift
Error Handling
Property Observers – Getters and Setters
Classes – Access Levels and stored/computed properties
Sub Classes
NS User Defaults
Watch Kit – App UI and Element Basics
Introduction to watchOS 2 and Watchkit
Understanding Xcode – Creating a new app project
Understanding Xcode – Continuing the tour
Understanding the Project Files Folders
Watch kit interface elements overview
Groups Demo
Tables Demo
Multiple screens using pages feature
Using Maps
Using Maps Preview
How to add Map and set its location to a specific point
Adding pins and Images to the map
How to Display the Users’ Location on the Map
APIs-Application Programming Interfaces
Application Programming Interfaces
What is An API
Using an XML API
Using a JSON API
Adding Images to Your Project or App
Adding Images to Your Project
Create App Image Asset
Glances, Notifications and Menus
Glances, a window into your app
Notifications and how they work
Menus – Creating a menu driven navigation system for your app
App 1 – What If?
What if? Our first app
Design, Code, Run
App 2 – Watch Calculator
Watch Calculator
A throw back to old Casio watch calculators
Design, Code and Run
Speed Reader
How Fast Can You Read
Building the speed reader for the watch
Lucky Numbers
Today is your Lucky Day
Building a pot of gold
Camper’s Watch
The Camper’s Watch
It’s time to meet Mother Nature
Where are we?
App 6 – News Reader XML
Read any RSS or xml feed on your watch
Design code build and Run
App 8 – Memory Master
How far can you go
Game, logic, design, code, and run
App 9 – Random Cuteness

How much cute can you handle?

Figuring it all out



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