Spring MVC: Designing Real-World Web Applications



Spring MVC helps you develop extremely convenient applications that are flexible for your needs in making tasks easier to do. The framework of the tool is made in a way where applications can be configured freely for your preferences since the logic and functions of the web application can be fully customized with a bit of programming skills. Therefore, it can turn developers into experts along the way.


Spring MVC: Designing Real-World Web Applications Training



  • Develop standalone projects using the Spring Fremework, and it will also let you learn about web-based projects.
  • You will investigate spring data access mechanisms with the help of Spring Data Repositories.
  • Generate responsive templates for creating front ends using AngularJS and Bootstrap
  • Communicate with Websocket and STOMP messages
  • Create maintainable units with tests in order to provide full security for the apps.
  • You will also deploy web application to the cloud in a very quick way.




  • Getting Started with Spring Core
  • Building the Web Layer with Spring Web MVC
  • Accessing Data with Spring
  • Understanding WebSocket
  • Securing Your Applications
  • Building a Single-Page Spring Application
  • Integrating with Other Web Frameworks
  • Setup Routine for an Enterprise Spring Application
  • Designing a Microservice Architecture with Spring MVC
  • Working with Java Persistence and Entities
  • Building a REST API for a Stateless Architecture
  • Authentic with Spring MVC
  • Implementing HATEOAS
  • Developing CRUD Operations and Validations
  • Communication Through WebSockets and STOMP
  • Testing and Troubleshooting
  • Mastering the MVC Architecture
  • Handling Forms and Complex URL Mapping
  • File Upload and Error Handling
  • Crafting a RESTful Application
  • Securing your Application
  • Leaving Nothing to Luck – Unit Tests and Acceptance Tests
  • Optimizing your Requests
  • Deploying your Web Application to the Cloud
  • Beyond Spring Web



Spring MVC: Designing Real-World Web Applications Training

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