React.js Training Chennai

React.js Training Chennai

React is a library developed by Facebook, and it is designed to build large applications with data that changes over time. Developers can use ReactJS to create user interfaces (UI) with high performance, where React would automatically manage all UI updates. React is all about building reusable web components, and it also renders on the server using Node.js. Learn ReactJS through Codementor’s Learning Center, where you can find tutorials, videos, guides, and ReactJS tips & tricks from experienced ReactJS developers.



  • Build maintainable and performant user interfaces for your web applications using React.js
  • Create reusable React.js components to save time and effort in maintaining your user interfaces
  • Learn how to build a ready-to-deploy React.js web application, following our step-by-step tutorial


What You Will Learn

  • Install powerful React.js tools to make development much more efficient
  • Create React elements with properties and children
  • Get started with stateless and stateful React components
  • Use JSX to speed up your React.js development process
  • Add reactivity to your React components with lifecycle methods
  • Integrate your React components with other JavaScript libraries
  • Utilize the Flux application architecture with your React components
  • Test your React components with Jest test framework


React.js Training Chennai

Course Outline:

1. Getting Started with React

  • What is React?
  • When Shawn meets Mike and ReactJS
  • Requiring React library
  • Building our first component
  • Back to work
  • Displaying static data
  • Passing data to components

2. JSX in Depth

  • Why JSX?
  • Transforming JSX into JavaScript
  • HTML tags vs React components
  • Self closing tag
  • Multiple components
  • JavaScript expressions
  • Namespaced components
  • Spread attributes
  • Styles in JSX
  • JSX Gotchas
  • Conditionals in JSX
  • Non-DOM attributes

3. Data Flow and Life Cycle Events

  • Data flow in React
  • Props validation
  • Specifying default props
  • Modifying this.props.children
  • State
  • Setting initial state
  • Setting state
  • Avoiding state
  • State versus props
  • Component life cycle overview
  • Component life cycle methods

4. Composite Dynamic Components and Forms

  • Forms in React
  • Setting up the application
  • Getting started with forms
  • Interactive props
  • Controlled components
  • Uncontrolled components
  • Getting started with form wizard
  • Form events
  • Parent Child relationship
  • Form validation
  • Shipping details step
  • Delivery details step

5. Mixins and the DOM

  • Back at the office
  • Adding a modal
  • Refs

6. React on the Server

  • Getting React to render on server
  • On the server

7. React Addons

  • Getting started with Addons
  • Immutability helpers
  • Available commands
  • Cloning components
  • Helpers for testing React apps
  • Testing structure of React components
  • Testing behavior of React components
  • Shallow rendering

8. Performance of React Apps

  • Performance of React apps
  • Virtual DOM
  • The PERF addon
  • DOM operations performed by React
  • PureRenderMixin
  • Immutable data

9. React Router and Data Models

  • A new adventure
  • Creating Backbone models
  • Incorporating defined Backbone models
  • Data models and Backbone

10. Animation

  • Fun stuff at Adequate LLC!
  • Model updates
  • Animate

11. React Tools

  • Development tools
  • React Dev Tools
  • Build tools
  • What is Webpack?
  • Webpack configuration

12. Flux

  • Flux architecture and unidirectional flow
  • Flux actions
  • Flux stores

13. Redux and React

  • Redux
  • Setting up Redux



React.js Training Chennai

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