R for Big Data Analysis, Visualization and Machine

Learning Training



Those who have experienced R can surely learn further from this learning path. You can expand your knowledge in the field and get the most out of the platform. Beginners and intermediate users are recommended for this material. The insights and concepts highlighted include the best tactics for visualization, analysis, and machine learning with the use of R. Your level of expertise with R will then significantly increase.



  • Efficiently analyze data and make use of machine learning methodologies
  • Create visualizations, establish interactive applications to know multiple data exploratory functions using R
  • Build a predictive model with the various machine learning arrays


R for Big Data Analysis, Visualization and Machine Learning Training



Module 1

  1. A Simple Guide to R
  1. Practical Machine Learning with R
  2. Acquire and Prepare the Ingredients – Your Data
  3. What’s in There? – Exploratory Data Analysis
  4. Where Does It Belong? – Classification
  5. Give Me a Number – Regression
  6. Can You Simplify That? – Data Reduction Techniques
  7. Lessons from History – Time Series Analysis
  8. It’s All About Your Connections – Social Network Analysis
  9. Put Your Best Foot Forward – Document and Present Your Analysis
  10. Work Smarter, Not Harder – Efficient and Elegant R Code
  11. Where in the World? – Geospatial Analysis
  12. Playing Nice – Connecting to Other Systems


Module 2

  1. Basic and Interactive Plots
  2. Heat Maps and Dendrograms
  3. Maps
  4.  The Pie Chart and Its Alternatives
  5. Adding the Third Dimension
  6. Data in Higher Dimensions
  7. Visualizing Continuous Data
  8. Visualizing Text and XKCD-style Plots
  9. Creating Applications in R


Module 3

  1. Data Exploration with RMS Titanic
  2. R and Statistics
  3. Understanding Regression Analysis
  4. Classification (I) – Tree, Lazy, and Probabilistic
  5. Classification (II) – Neural Network and SVM
  6. Model Evaluation
  7. Ensemble Learning
  8. Clustering
  9. Association Analysis and Sequence Mining
  10. Dimension Reduction
  11. Big Data Analysis (R and Hadoop)



R for Big Data Analysis, Visualization and Machine Learning Training

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