PostgreSQL Training


                   Database administrators will benefit well with the help of PostgreSQL. In here, you will learn what are the basics of using PostgreSQL in a quicker way, and you will be able to fully grasp the techniques needed with this database system. The platform is known to be one of the ultimate tools that database administrators and developers can rely on, and you will be able to learn more advanced techniques in here.


PostgreSQL Training



  • Learn enterprise class features of PostgreSQL 9.3 to 9.6.
  • Discover the full features of PostgreSQL for a better way to control the platform once you fully migrate to the tool.
  • Understand both basic and advanced techniques in executing your database with error-free methods.





  • Basics of PostgreSQL
  • Database Administration
  • PSQL
  • Using pgAdmin
  • Data Types
  • Tables, Constraints and Indexes





PostgreSQL Training

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