Penetration Testing Training

Python: Penetration Testing for Developers


Scripting with Python can let you learn how to create scripts for more efficient types of penetration tests. Security researchers and developers who have basic knowledge in Python can benefit well from this as it will help them learn the different concepts of exploiting vulnerabilities.


Even ethical hackers can learn well in here, as well as those who just want to keep themselves prepared from any attacks on their site.


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  • Learn the generation of Metasploit resource files.
  • Use the Metasploit Remote Procedure Call for automating exploits.
  • Break through internet perimeters to learn how to gain deeper access in certain content such as data from various organizations.
  • Exploit the traffic of wireless connections through the use of programs meant for wireless attacks.
  • Gain information from websites using scripts that are automated once placed into the said site. XSS, SQL injection and tampering can also be learned.




  • Understanding the Penetration Testing Methodology
  • The Basics of Python Scripting
  • Identifying Targets with Nmap, Scapy and Python
  • Executing Credential Attacks with Python
  • Exploiting Services with Python
  • Assessing Web Applications with Python
  • Cracking the Perimeter with Python
  • Exploit Development with Python, Metasploit and Immunity


Penetration Testing Training

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