OpenCV with python training

OpenCV: Computer Vision Projects with Python



This learning path is for someone who has a working knowledge of Python and wants to try out OpenCV. It is an advanced computer vision library which allows a wide range of image & video processing operations.

Here, you will get to know how to maximize the OpenCV and OpenCV3’s Python API; build great intermediate computer vision applications; and proceed with more advanced projects like tracking visually salient objects, hand gesture recognition, and recognizing emotions on faces and traffic signs.


This Learning Path combines some of the best perks that Packt brings.


OpenCV with python training



  • Apply “curves” and other color transformations as well as geometric transformations to images and how to filter them
  • Recognize and analyze hand gestures in real time including street signs
  • Identify emotional expressions in human faces



Module 1

1: Setting up OpenCV

2: Handling Files, Cameras, and GUIs

3: Filtering Images

4: Tracking Faces with Haar Cascades

5: Detecting Foreground/Background Regions and Depth


Module 2

1: Detecting Edges and Applying Image Filters

2: Cartoonizing an Image

3: Detecting and Tracking Different Body Parts

4: Extracting Features from an Image

5: Creating a Panoramic Image

6: Seam Carving

7: Detecting Shapes and Segmenting an Image

8: Object Tracking

9: Object Recognition

10: Stereo Vision and 3D Reconstruction

11: Augmented Reality


Module 3

1: Fun with Filters

2: Hand Gesture Recognition Using a Kinect Depth Sensor

3: Finding Objects via Feature Matching and Perspective Transforms

4: 3D Scene Reconstruction Using Structure from Motion

5: Tracking Visually Salient Objects

6: Learning to Recognize Traffic Signs

7: Learning to Recognize Emotions on Faces

OpenCV with python training

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