Kubernetes Training in Pune

Kubernetes Training in Pune

Kubernetes is the tool that’s pushing the containerization revolution – largely driven by Docker – to another level. If Docker has paved the way for greater agility and control in the way we organize and manage our infrastructure, Kubernetes goes further, by helping you to orchestrate and automate container deployments on a massive scale. Kubernetes really does think big – and it’s time you did too!


Learn the basic Kubernetes concepts and architecture, then dive in to setup, configure, and manage your own cluster. In this class you’ll learn how to deploy the control nodes, CLI, and worker nodes. We’ll manage applications with Kubernetes, including creating and managing pods, replication controllers, and services.

Kubernetes Training in Pune


Course Outline

Introduction to Docker containers

    • A brief history of Docker
    • Run a container on your laptop
    • Limitations of containers.


Why does Kubernetes exist?

    • History of clustered workloads & schedulers
    • Mesos
    • Kubernetes

Hands-on build

    • Your own cluster on Vagrant
    • Scheduling a container on your cluster


Kubernetes key concepts:

    • Required cluster components
    • Solving containers’ shortcomings – what is a Pod?
    • Introducing the Replication Controller
    • Deploying your first microservice
    • Basic cluster inspection and administration using kubectl


Creating your own Pods

  • Ready and liveness checks
  • Resource limits
  • Secrets
  • Persistent volumes


Using labels

  • Replication Controllers
  • Manual scaling using kubectl
  • Introduction to Services
  • Horizontal Autoscaler



  • Node selector
  • LimitRanger


  • Ingress controller
  • Rolling update for zero downtime deploys
  • Users/certs for a secure api server
  • Service accounts and service account secrets


Cluster sysadmin

  • Networking solutions
  • Cluster DNS


Cluster sysadmin (Continued)

  • ELK
  • CAdvisor/sysdig/prometheus/influxdb


Kube from scratch

  • CoreOS + etcd
  • Podmaster HA

Kubernetes Training in Pune



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