Kubernetes Training in Mumbai

Kubernetes Training in Mumbai


Kubernetes is Google’s solution for managing a cluster of containers. Currently it only supports Docker for containers. But in the future it’ll support other container solutions as well.

Kubernetes provides a declarative API for managing clusters while giving us a lot of flexibility. You only need to tell it what to do and it’ll do the hard work for you. It has built-in support for microservices, load balancing, monitoring and so on. You can deploy any service you like into Kubernetes. There are also some services with built-in Kubernetes support. Cassandra, RethinkDB and Spark are some of them.

Kubernetes Training in Mumbai

Course Outline

Introduction to Kubernetes

Introduction to Kubernetes will provide you with an understanding of Linux containers, their benefits and shortcomings, and how Kubernetes can resolve these issues through scheduling and orchestration.

Kubernetes was born out of Google’s need to manage services at a massive scale while maintaining completely zero downtime. Kubernetes was developed by engineers from Google’s internal “Borg” cluster project. Being open source, it is constantly being improved by members of the community to be a class-leading platform for hosting microservices at any scale.

This course takes you through a brief history of containers and scheduling systems, followed by a practical section where you will run a miniature cluster on your own machine. You will learn key Kubernetes concepts, how to deploy a microservice application and have it scheduled across your cluster, and how to conduct basic cluster administration.


After completion of this course, you will

  • Understand why containers are useful, but have limitations
  • Learn how to solve some these limitations with Pods
  • Know why the world’s biggest companies are powered by schedulers and containers
  • Have a basic core understanding of how to use Kubernetes.


 Advanced Kubernetes

Kubernetes Advanced Course will dive right into constructing your own microservices as Kubernetes objects; we recommend attendees already have a basic understanding of using Kubernetes, preferably having completed our introduction course.

We will go over advanced features of Pods and Replication Controllers and how to modify them in place in a development environment.


We will then show to scale them automatically with workload, and how to expose your microservice to the outside world with an Ingress Controller.

The course continues with current best practices for using a Kubernetes cluster in production, and how to use supporting cluster services effectively.

Finally the course explores a more system administrator angle – how to dig down into your cluster’s performance and examine metrics and performance.

After completion of this course, you will know

  • The latest release of Kubernetes inside-out
  • Create your own microservice templates from scratch
  • Scale and update your services with zero downtime
  • Extract logs and metrics from your Kubernetes node
  • Deploy a blank Kubernetes cluster on empty VMs
  • Know how to make your cluster highly available



Kubernetes Training in Mumbai



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