Current Openings

RequiredHadoop Admin – [ 92 open positions]

RequiredHadoop Architect – [ 236 open positions]

RequiredHadoop Java Developer – [ 460+ open positions]

Required – Big Data DWH Architects  [ 78 open positions]

Organizations today possess massive data – in tera- and petabytes – that needs to be effectively collected, stored and processed. Hadoop is a cost effective option that helps manage this big data. To derive real returns from these big data systems, one needs to extract useful insights and business intelligence.

“For every 100 open Big Data jobs, there are only two qualified candidates” –

New job opportunities are emerging for IT professionals in the field of “big data,” the term used to describe how corporations gather vast amounts of real-time data about their customers and analyze that data to drive decision making and increase profitability.

The IT services segment will be the major contributor to the Big Data services market, currently accounting for 82.9 per cent of revenues, followed by analytics with 17.1 per cent.

India’s big data industry is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 83 percent.

In India, Big Data analytics and related IT services will create 15,000-20,000 Big Data jobs by 2015.

Why Learn Big Data?

90% of the data in the world today is less than 2 year old.

18 Moths is the estimated time for digital universe to double.

2.6 Quintillion bytes is produced every day.

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