iOS Swift Programming Training

Course Overview

Apple has introduced Swift language in WWDC this year. Swift has various advantages over objective C and also has better performance with Apple hardware. Swift will be next Apple programming language and will evolve over the years. It is great opportunity to learn the language when it is first live giving us the great cutting edge over the other programmers. We will learn Apple concepts using Swift. We will learn every minor details which Swift comes with and comparing with Objective C, C++ and JAVA. Various frameworks using SWIFT.

ios swift programming language

Who Should Attend:

Beginners, Junior Software Developers, Senior Software Developers, Team Leads and Managers.
Hobbian who wants to bring their ideas into potential Apps.


  • Basic knowledge of OOPs programming
  • Have surface level of iOS programming will be beneficial
  • Have basic knowledge of UI elements in iOS will be beneficial

What You’ll Learn

  • Understanding SWIFT Language in terms syntax and Symantics
  • How variables and constants are define and managed in memory
  • SWIFT syntax, Disclosure, Methods new data types in Swift
  • Properties and Protocols in Swift
  • OOPs concepts in Swift
  • Nesting Types in Swift
  • Functions and Closures in Swift
  • Create simple application using SWIFT

Course Content:

Variables and Constant in SWIFT

  • Understand variable declaration
  • Understanding syntax for variable declaration
  • Type defining the variable
  • Understanding constant declaration
  • Syntax for declaring the constant
  • Understanding Type Annotation
  • Type Alias and it’s important
  • Tuples and it’s befinits
  • How values are interpreted in print statement
  • Understanding Optional Variables concepts
  • Understanding Implicit Optional UnWrapping concepts

Operators and Collection Type in Swift

  • Understand changes in some of the operators
  • Understanding Array and Dictionary in Swift

Control Flow and Loops in Swift

  • Understand If, If Else If and Switch statements in Swift
  • Understanding various looping options in Swift

Functions or Methods, Closure and Subscripts in Swift

  • Understanding Method declaration and parameters
  • Understanding Functions as Type
  • Talk about Functions as parameters
  • Talk functions as returned type
  • Nesting of function definition. Implementing functions within the functions
  • Talk about Closure concepts
  • Talk about Subscripts

Classes and OOPs concepts in SWIFT

  • How Class is declared in SWIFT
  • Class file structure in SWIFT
  • How Factory design patterns works in SWIFT
  • Talk about Initializer and deinitializer

Properties and Protocols in SWIFT

  • Talk about properties
  • Talk about properties in SWIFT
  • How properties play vital role in memory management
  • Talk about Initializer and deinitializer
  • Talk about Protocols in Swift

Automatic Reference Counting in SWIFT

  • ARC concepts in SWIFT
  • Strong Reference between instance of Classes
  • Talk about references and Closure
  • Talk about open chaining

Type Casting in SWIFT

  • Talk about ANY
  • Talk about ANYObject
  • Talk about Nested Type
  • Talk about Generic Types and Functions

Application setup in SWIFT

  • Talk about the various classes created on Project creation
  • Understand AppDelegate class


  • Talk about UIView Hierarchy
  • Talk about various UI components
  • Play with some of the UI elements

Application architect of iOS Application

  • Talk about Single View Application
  • Talk about Multi Controller Applications
  • Type of multicontroller applications
  • Implement some project with various Application Architech

Overview of playground