IBM Bluemix Training


                     This is for developers who want to learn application development as well as the deployment tactics on IBM Bluemix. It is an open standard platform for building, running, and managing applications on the cloud.

Here, you will take a journey from the basics of IBM Bluemix to developing and deploying of modern applications.

In the end, you could grasp the benefits and the use cases for IBM Bluemix. You will also learn to acquire the skills to make the most out of this platform.


IBM Bluemix Training



  • Develop and deploy a “Hello World” application on IBM Bluemix
  • Understand microservices architecture and develop a sample application
  • Build an application on IBM Bluemix like mobile client application using Mobile services



1: Saying Hello to IBM Bluemix

2: Building and Deploying Your First Application on IBM Bluemix

3: Extending an Application and Configuring for Continuous Delivery Using DevOps Services

4: Leveraging On-Premise Software for Applications on Bluemix

5: Scaling Applications in Bluemix

6: Monitoring and Management in Bluemix

7: Compute Options on Bluemix

8: Security Services on Bluemix

9: Microservices-based Application Development on Bluemix

10: Mobile Application Development on Bluemix



IBM Bluemix Training

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