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Hadoop Big Data Training on,

  • Development

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  • Architect Training Course

Course Outline:

What is Big Data & Why Hadoop?
Hadoop Overview & it’s Ecosystem
HDFS – Hadoop Distributed File System
Map Reduce Anatomy
Developing Map Reduce Programs
Advanced Map Reduce Concepts
Advanced Map Reduce Algorithms
Advanced Tips & Techniques
Monitoring & Management of Hadoop
Using Hive & Pig ( Advanced )
Deploying Hadoop on Cloud
Hadoop Best Practices and Use Cases

Course Contents:

1. Big Data

  • The problem space and example applications

  • Why don’t traditional approaches scale?

  • Requirements

2. Hadoop Background

  • Hadoop History

  • The ecosystem and stack: HDFS, MapReduce, Hive, Pig…

  • Cluster architecture overview

3. Development Environment

  • Hadoop distribution and basic commands

  • Eclipse development

4. HDFS Introduction

  • The HDFS command line and web interfaces

  • The HDFS Java API (lab)

5. MapReduce Introduction

  • Key philosophy: move computation, not data

  • Core concepts: Mappers, reducers, drivers

  • The MapReduce Java API (lab)

6. Real-World MapReduce

  • Optimizing with Combiners and Partitioners (lab)

  • More common algorithms: sorting, indexing and searching (lab)

  • Relational manipulation: map-side and reduce-side joins (lab)

  • Chaining Jobs

  • Testing with MRUnit

7. Higher-level Tools

  • Patterns to abstract “thinking in MapReduce”

  • The Cascading library (lab)

  • The Hive database (lab)


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