Go Programming Training


                Go now has architectural changes ever since it got updated to the latest version. In here, you will learn the implementation of the language, its libraries, as well as its compiler and runtime. Take note that all these features have changed nowadays, and it’s time for you to learn this more convenient version of Go.


You will be able to leverage these features, as well as build powerful systems for real-world matters. Command-line tools can be fully developed for shell purposes as well as to create scale performance and high availability for your projects. Rest assured that this is what you definitely need if you want to use Go as a programmer.


Go Programming Training




  • Build cool projects from scratch as you explore the different techniques involved when using Go.
  • Create a website and/or data services at a massive scale using the HTTP package of Go as well as explore RESTful techniques.
  • Develop command-line at high qualities in order to fully use the shell capabilities of Go.
  • Develop microservices for huge companies with Go’s Kit Library.
  • Implement modern databases for documents that need to be saved as well as create a messaging queue feature for better transferring and saving of files.
  • Write concurrent programs using channels.
  • You will also manage concurrent programs using the channels as well.
  • Use Docker and Google App Engine that’s well integrated with Go once your app is ready for testing.





  • Chat Application with Web Sockets
  • Adding User Accounts
  • Three Ways to Implement Profile Pictures
  • Command Line-Tools to Find Domain Names
  • Building Distributed Systems and Working with Flexible Data
  • Exposing Data and Functionality through a RESTful Data Web Service API
  • Random Recommendations Web Service
  • Filesystem Backup
  • Building a Q&A Application for Google App Engine
  • Micro-Services in Go with the Go Kit Framework
  • Deploying Go Applications Using Docker


Go Programming Training

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