Embedded Linux for Developers Training


                          Learn how you can minimize the cost of your projects with the use of open source tools and programs. In this course, you will learn how to develop captivating and robust embedded systems using Linux. Know the best practices for embedded product development stages and the wonderful features of Yocto Project like customization, virtualization, and more.


Embedded Linux for Developers Training



  •         Learn how to use the Yocto Project in the embedded Linux
  •         Familiarize and customize the bootloader
  •         Explore real-time layer, security, GGL, LSB, and virtualization
  •         Production systems optimization
  •         Write a multithreaded application using POSIX threads



1: Introduction

2: Cross-compiling

3: Bootloaders

4: Linux Kernel

5: The Linux Root Filesystem

6: Components of the Yocto Project

7: ADT Eclipse Plug-ins

8: Hob, Toaster, and Autobuilder

9: Wic and Other Tools

10: Real-time

11: Security

12: Virtualization

13: CGL and LSB


Embedded Linux for Developers Training

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