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Docker Training in Pune will cover the Docker Ecosystem with HandsOn Topics and Industry UseCases with a Proof of Concept Project UseCase.

Once you have docker installed

1) Run this command to download the latest Stratio Viewer image:

docker pull stratio/viewer

2) After the download, run this command to start the docker container

docker run -dit –name viewer stratio/viewer && docker exec viewer ifconfig | grep ‘inet addr:’



 What to do after running the sandbox

The ip address of the eth0 interface is where Stratio Viewer will be accesible.

Just go to the Stratio Viewer wizard URL by using your preferred browser:


Remember to replace the WRITE_HERE_YOUR_CONTAINER_IP by the real IP given to the container. It is shown in the console output after running step before.
If you want to go into the container, you just have to type into the console:

docker exec -it viewer bash

Technical info

  • OS: Ubuntu trusty 64 bits
  • Main installation folder:  /opt/sds/viewer/

Running services

  • Stratio Viewer web application
    • Running by default
    • service name:  viewer



When working with Docker, it is a good practice to search for some ready-to-use images on Docker Hub before building you own. It is very powerful to have your software architecture distributed in a set of containers, each one does one job. And the best building block of your distributed application is to use official images from Docker Hub. You can trust their functionalities.


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Call – +91 97899 68765 / 044 – 42645495