Docker Training Online

Introduction to Docker Training

This two-day classroom training will introduce you to Docker, take you through the initial steps in setting up a Docker environment, and work towards an understanding of how Docker should be implemented in your environment.  Instructor-led by a certified Docker trainer this course includes hands-on labs and hard copy documentation.

What You’ll Learn

In two days you will learn skills to prepare you for deploying and maintaing a Docker envionment.  The class inlcudes lecture, hands-on labs, and discussion with an instructor having real-world experience deploying Docker.  When we are not training, our instructors are  working with clients on containerized application delivery, DevOps, and service orchestration.

Course Contents

  • History of Docker/ About Docker Inc
  • Installation of Docker (all operating systems)
  • Working with containers
  • Working with images
  • Building images with Dockerfiles
  • Working with Docker HubContainer networking
    • Pushing and pulling images
    • Automated Builds
    • Web Hooks and Build Triggers
  • Docker local development workflow
  • Working with volumes
  • Connecting containers together (links)
  • Container orchestration
  • Using Docker for a Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery pipeline
  • Securing Docker with TLS
  • Working directly with the Docker remote API
  • Docker Container Security
  • Docker in Production (ambassadors, service discovery,  etc.)

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