Docker Training Coimbatore

Docker is a Linux container engine that allows you to create consistent, stable, and production-quality environments with containers.
Docker Training Coimbatore

Skill Level

  • Beginner to Intermediate

What You Will Learn

  • What Docker is and why you need it, including the basics of running, stopping, and restarting Docker containers
  • Installing Docker on standard Linux or specialized container operating systems
  • Setting up a private Docker Registry
  • Creating, running, and investigating Docker images and containers
  • How to pull and push containers between local systems and Docker Registries
  • Integrating Docker containers with host networking and storage
  • Orchestrating multiple containers into complex applications with Kubernetes
  • How to build a Docker container to simplify application deployment
  • Employing best practices when developing containerized applications
  • How others are creating their own interesting and powerful containers
  • The latest Docker supporting technology that is on the horizon

Who Should Take This Course

  • System administrators who need to create, deploy, and manage Docker containers
  • Application developers who want to understand what applications are most appropriate for containerization and what are best practices for adapting their applications to containers

Course Requirements

  • A basic understanding of running commands in Linux
  • Familiarity with Linux concepts such as networking, software repos, and storage
  • Familiarity with concepts related to deploying applications


Course Outline

Docker Containers: Introduction
1: Welcome to Docker Containers
Learning Objectives
Use containers to deliver applications efficiently

2: Getting Docker Software
Learning Objectives
Choose a Docker environment
Set up Docker in Fedora
Set up Docker in Ubuntu
Set up Docker in Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Choose a Docker run-time environment
Set up a Fedora Atomic host

3: Using Docker Registries
Use the public Docker index
Create private Docker registries
Push and pull Docker images

4: Starting Up Containers
Launch an existing container
Check out a running container
Manipulate containers (run, stop and start)

5: Making Docker Images from Containers
Save containers to images
Tag an image
Commit an image to a registry

6: Keeping Your Docker Build System Healthy
Monitor your Docker system
Remove containers and images

7: Bulding Docker Images
Understand Dockerfile files
Choose what goes into a Dockerfile file
Use Docker build to build container images

8: Tips for Building Containers
Employ general rules for building containers
Configure software repositories, networking, logging and storage

9: Orchestrating Docker Containers
Orchestrate Docker container pods with Kubernetes
Orchestrate multi-node containers with Kubernetes
Manage containers with Cockpit

10: Developing Containerized Applications
Choose container development tools
Get involved with Docker development
Learn techniques for building containers

11: Digging into Advanced Networking and Storage
Choose container networking
Add storage to containers

12: Running Super Privileged Containers
Understand Linux name spaces
Run super privileged containers

13: Going Further with Docker
Explore more container tools
Examine interesting Dockerfile files
Try gaming and other fun containers



Docker Training Coimbatore

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