Docker Training Chandigarh

Docker Training Chandigarh

In this Learning Docker training course, you will learn, how to create, deploy, and manage Docker images and containers. This course is designed for the absolute beginner, meaning no previous experience with Docker is required.

You will start by learning about Docker containers, including how to run containers, how to run and configure containerized applications, and how to debug containers. From there, you will learn about Docker images, including images on Docker Hub and web application images. This Docker tutorial also covers networking, volumes, and Docker Compose. Finally, you will learn about Docker extras, such as Docker Swarm, Kitematic, and overlay networks.

Docker Training Chandigarh

Course  Outline

Docker Architecture
How To Access Your Working Files

Getting Started
Linux Setup
Docker Toolbox (Mac)
Docker Machine
Docker Hub Setup

Docker Containers
Getting Started With Containers
Running Containers
Running Containerized Web Applications
Configuring Containerized Applications
Container Lifecycle
Restart Policy
Debugging Containers

Docker Images
Docker Images
Images On Docker Hub
Building Images
Web Application Images
Command And Entrypoint
Build Triggers

Docker Networking
User Defined Bridge Networks
Docker DNS In User Defined Networks

Data Volumes
Data Volume Containers
Docker Compose
Docker Compose
Composing Services
Building Applications With Docker Compose

Docker Extras
Docker Swarm
Overlay Networks
Logging Drivers
Private Docker Registry


Docker Training Chandigarh

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