Docker Swarm and Kubernetes Training

Docker Swarm and Kubernetes Training

Docker Swarm and Kubernetes Training

Kubernetes and Docker Swarm are probably two most commonly used tools to deploy containers inside a cluster. Both are created as helper tools that can be used to manage a cluster of containers and treat all servers as a single unit. However, they differ greatly in their approach.


Docker Swarm took a different approach. It is a native clustering for Docker. The best part is that it exposes standard Docker API meaning that any tool that you used to communicate with Docker (Docker CLI, Docker Compose, Dokku, Krane, and so on) can work equally well with Docker Swarm.

Docker has been a game-changer when it comes to virtualization – it has now grown to become a key driver of innovation beyond system administration, having an impact on the world of web development and more.

Covering best practices to make sure you’re confident with and the basics, such as building, managing and storing containers, before diving deeper into Docker security, you’ll find everything you need to help you extend and integrate Docker in new and innovative ways. You’ll learn how to take greater control over your containers using some of Docker’s most sophisticated and useful tools, such as Docker compose and Docker swarm, before bringing together everything you already know and have learned to put your containers into production and monitor them for safety and performance.

What You Will Learn

  • Become fluent with the basic components of Docker
  • Learn best practices for storing and managing Docker files
  • Secure your containers and files with Docker’s security features
  • Learn how to use Docker machine to build new servers from scratch
  • Find out how to set up and manage multiple environments with Docker compose
  • Utilize Docker Swarm to orchestrate containers across different servers
  • Integrate Docker with a wide range of cloud and configuration tools to fully realize its potential


Docker Swarm and Kubernetes Training

Course Contents:

1. Docker Review

  • Understanding Docker
  • Dockerfile
  • Docker installers/installation
  • The Docker commands
  • The Docker images


2. Up and Running

  • Dockerfile
  • Docker build
  • Docker Hub
  • Environmental variables
  • Docker volumes


3. Container Image Storage

  • Docker Hub
  • Docker Hub Enterprise
  • Docker Registry
  • Automated builds


4. Managing Containers

  • The Docker commands
  • Using your existing management suite
  • Puppet
  • Chef
  • Ansible
  • SaltStack
  • Docker Swarm


5. Docker Security

  • Containers versus VMs
  • The Docker commands
  • Docker security – best practices
  • The Docker bench security application


6. Docker Machine

  • Installation
  • Using Docker Machine
  • Docker Machine commands


7. Docker Compose

  • Installing Docker Compose
  • Docker Compose YAML file
  • The Docker Compose usage
  • The Docker Compose commands
  • Docker Compose – examples


8. Docker Swarm

  • Docker Swarm install
  • Docker Swarm components
  • Docker Swarm usage
  • The Docker Swarm commands
  • The Docker Swarm topics
  • The Swarm cluster example


9. Docker in Production

  • Host management
  • Container management
  • Docker Compose usage
  • Extending to external platform(s)
  • Overall security
  • DockerUI
  • ImageLayers


10. Advanced Docker

  • Scaling Docker
  • Using discovery services
  • Common issues and solutions
  • Keeping your containers in check
  • Kubernetes
  • Chef
  • Contributing to Docker
  • Advanced Docker networking
  • Installation

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