Docker Microservices Training Chennai

Docker Microservices Training Chennai

Docker Microservices Training Chennai: Companies know that they must build, deploy, and scale applications faster to be competitive. The monolithic architecture of many existing applications hampers innovation and increases time to market, so many companies are migrating to a microservice architecture.

DevOps methodologies and container virtualization technologies like Docker don’t only make it easier to implement microservices, they also reduce risk and speed up continuous deployment and delivery.

Docker is disruptive technology redefining concepts of virtualization and deployment. Docker makes container technology manageable. A Docker container is a portable, isolated, and a deployable unit of application execution.

From Continuous Development to Microservices, Docker is changing how virtualization technology is approached.


Skill Level

  • Intermediate

What You Will Learn

  • How to begin designing your web apps as microservices
  • How to use Docker to containerize your microservices
  • How to leverage modern Docker orchestration tools to aid in both developing and deploying your applications
  • How to use Google’s container orchestration platform Kubernetes
  • A strong understanding of the modern devops and container orchestration landscape

Who Should Take This Course

  • Users of Docker who are looking to move from ad-hoc setups to more formal and powerful orchestrated setups.
  • Those interested in microservice-based architectures

Course Requirements

  • Basic understanding of Docker
  • Understanding of web services
  • A programming background



Docker Microservices Training Chennai

Course Outline

Docker Orchestration and Microservices: Introduction
Docker Fundamentals
Understand basic Docker concepts
Using Dockerfiles to create images

1: Thinking in Terms of Microservices

Understand microservices
Understand what problems microservices solve
Understand the complexities introduced by microservices
Define an example of a microservice-based architecture

2: Dockerizing Your Microservices

Understand how docker can benefit a microservice architecture
Create a Docker container for each app
Configure your apps for both production and development

3: Using Registries to Store and Distribute Docker Images

Define a Docker registry
Configure your Docker image to be pushed to Docker Hub
Configure your Docker image to be rebuilt upon code pushes to Github

4: Deploying Single Instance Single Container Apps with Docker Machine

Understand how Docker Machine works
Use Docker Machine to simulate deployment with a VM
Use Docker Machine to deploy to a cloud provider
Understand the basics of multi-container apps

5: Local Development of Microservices-Based Apps with Docker Compose

Define application topologies with Docker Compose
Connect a local test DB with Docker Compose
Define the right subtopology for each microservice’s local development

6: Deploying Single Instance Multi-Container Apps with Docker Compose and Docker Machine

Configure a new Docker Compose file for production
Use a .env file to securely use env vars
Use Compose and Machine together to deploy the application

7: Multi-Instance Multi-Container Applications with Docker Swarm
Understand the basics of a cluster
Configure your swarm to use a service discovery system
Use Swarm to create your first cluster
Run Docker containers on your Swarm cluster

8: Advanced Docker Swarm Configuration

Understand the various provided scheduling strategies
Configure your Swarm to use labels
Understand how to use constraints, affinities and dependence filters

9: Container Orchestration with Kubernetes

Understand Kubernetes concepts
Configure Kubernetes
Define your first pod
Use Kubernetes labels
Understand and use Kubernetes replication controllers
Use the Kubernetes Services construct


Docker Microservices Training Chennai

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