DevOps Hands-On Training Chennai


                   DevOps is a practical field that focuses on delivering business value as efficiently as possible. DevOps encompasses all the flows from code through testing environments to production environments. It stresses the cooperation between different roles, and how they can work together more closely, as the roots of the word imply—Development and Operations.

After a quick refresher to DevOps and continuous delivery, we quickly move on to looking at how DevOps affects architecture. You’ll create a sample enterprise Java application that you’ll continue to work with through the remaining chapters. Following this, we explore various code storage and build server options.

You will then learn how to perform code testing with a few tools and deploy your test successfully. Next, you will learn how to monitor code for any anomalies and make sure it’s running properly. Finally, you will discover how to handle logs and keep track of the issues that affect processes


DevOps Hands-On Training Chennai


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DevOps Training – High Level Contents

1 – Puppet – Configuration Management

2 – Puppet – Advanced Automation

3 – Docker Intro & Microservices

4 – Docker Swarm & Kubernetes

5 – Jenkins – CI/CD

6 – Amazon Web Services Cloud – Intro

DevOps Outline –  Hands-On Training

Section 1 – Puppet

Puppet – Configuration Management
The Master and Its Agents
A Peek Under the Hood – Facts, Types, and Providers
Modularizing Manifests with Classes and Defined Types
Puppet Infrastructure
Separating Data from Code Using Hiera
Puppet Facts


Section 2 – Puppet

Introducing the Puppet module
A Puppet class
Creating custom facts
Troubleshooting Puppet
Automating: DB Installation and Deploying an Application
Automating: Big Data Cluster Installation

Section 3 – Docker

Introducing Containers
The Rise of the Virtual Machine
Installing and Updating Docker
Major Docker Components
Container Management
Building from a Dockerfile
Working with Registries
Diving Deeper with Dockerfile
Docker Networking
How Images Get Built
Docker Commands
Monitoring and Alerting
Hands On Use Cases

Section 4 – Docker & Kubernetes

Orchestrating Docker
Docker Compose
Docker Swarm
Docker Machine
Docker Swarm – with Service Discovery


Section 5 – Jenkins – CI/CD

Introduction to Continuous Integration and Jenkins-ci
Installing and Running Jenkins
A Jenkins Job
Jenkins Plugin
Distributed Builds with Jenkins
Best Practices for Jenkins

Section 6 – Amazon Web Services Cloud – Intro

Amazon Compute & Networking Services
Amazon EC2
Amazon ELB
Amazon Route 53
Amazon Storage Service & Content Delivery
Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)
Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS)
Amazon Content Delivery Network (Amazon Cloud Front)
Amazon Database Services
Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS)
Amazon DynamoDB
Amazon ElastiCache
Amazon Application Development & Identity Access Management
Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)
Amazon CloudWatch
Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES)
AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)
Amazon API & Supporting Tools
Amazon Command Line Interface API’s

Monitoring and Metrics
Demonstrate ability to monitor availability and performance
Understanding AWS Instance Types, Utilization And Performance

Creating CloudWatch Alarms
Installing And Configuring Monitoring Scripts for Amazon EC2 Instances


DevOps Training chennai

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