DevOps: Continuous Delivery training


                          Understand the collaboration between the different facet of an IT organization and software developers by getting to know the background of DevOps. Learn the basics of some powerful tools that deliver high-quality software, its deployment, and maintenance. With this practical guide, you’ll uncover some exciting new technology.

This course will demonstrate multiple techniques in using them by providing realistic examples as you go about the adoption and implementation of DevOps.


DevOps: Continuous Delivery training



  •         Familiarize the basic tools you need, so you will become efficient with DevOps
  •         Design a suitable application for continuous deployment
  •         Manage the lifecycle of hosts using Puppet Razor
  •         Learn to manage, use, and work with Code using the Git version management system
  •         Be aware of some obstacles to look out for while implementing continuous delivery and DevOps



1: Introduction to DevOps and Continuous Delivery

2: A View from Orbit

3: How DevOps Affects Architecture

4: Everything is Code

5: Building the Code

6: Testing the Code

7: Deploying the Code

8: Monitoring the Code

9: Issue Tracking

10: The Internet of Things and DevOps



DevOps: Continuous Delivery training

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