CoreOS Training in Hyderabad

CoreOS Training in Hyderabad

CoreOS Overview

CoreOS is designed for security, consistency, and reliability. Instead of installing packages via yum or apt, CoreOS uses Linux containers to manage your services at a higher level of abstraction. A single service’s code and all dependencies are packaged within a container that can be run on one or many CoreOS machines.

CoreOS runs on almost any platform, including Vagrant, Amazon EC2, QEMU/KVM, VMware and OpenStack and your own hardware. If you’re currently running in the cloud, running a single CoreOS cluster on two different clouds or cloud + bare metal is supported and encouraged.

 CoreOS Training in Huyderabad

    * Linux Foundation LFS101: Introduction to Linux
    * Linux Foundation LFS220: Linux System Administration
    * RHCE
    * Equivalent real­-world Linux experience


Course Contents

1. Introduction

  • Introduction

  • CoreOS And The Future Of Application Development

  • How To Access Your Working Files

2. CoreOS Basics

  • Application Containers

  • Docker

  • CoreOS

3. CoreOS Subsystems

  • Container Runtime

  • etcd

  • Fleet

4. Launching A Development CoreOS Cluster

  • Install Dependencies And Boot Your First Cluster

  • systemd

  • Starting Units with Fleet

  • Fleet Unit Templates

  • Global Units

  • Dockerized Service

  • etcd And etcdctl

  • Troubleshooting CoreOS Services

  • Toolbox

5. Deploying A Database-Backed Web Application

  • Service Discovery With etcd

  • Overview Of Deployment

  • Deploying RethinkDB Database

  • Deploying Web Application

  • Load Balancing With NGINX & confd

  • Load Balancing With HAProxy & confd

6. CoreOS In Production

  • CoreOS In Production

  • etcd In Production

  • Cloud-Config

  • Deploy CoreOS To Cloud Provider

  • Deploy App To CoreOS In Cloud

  • Scaling Up And Down

  • Monitoring CoreOS

  • Monitoring Containers

  • Centralized Logging

7. Advanced Topics

  • Firewalls, EC2 Security Groups, etc.

  • Oneshot Units For Configuration Management

  • Software Defined Networks – Flannel

  • Building On CoreOS

8. Kubernetes

  • Overview

  • Terminology

  • Installing On CoreOS

  • Create Pod

  • Create Replication Controller

  • Create Service

  • Create Public Service

  • Setup DNS

  • Setup Kubernetes UI


CoreOS Training in Hyderabad,


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