CoreOS Training in Chennai

CoreOS Training in Chennai

CoreOS is a powerful Linux distribution built to make large, scalable deployments on varied infrastructure simple to manage. Based on a build of Chrome OS, CoreOS maintains a lightweight host system and uses Docker containers for all applications. In this series, we will introduce you to the basics of CoreOS, teach you how to set up a CoreOS cluster, and get you started with using docker containers with CoreOS.

What will you Learn :

  • CoreOS LinuxInstallation, Using etcd, Using fleet, troubleshooting
  • ImagesCreating and running containers
  • CommunicationPorts, filesystems, sockets, network devices
  • OperationRepositories, sharing images, best practices etc
  • Isolation TechnologiesNamespaces and cgroups


    * Linux Foundation LFS101: Introduction to Linux
    * Linux Foundation LFS220: Linux System Administration
    * RHCE
    * Equivalent real­-world Linux experience





CoreOs Training in Chennai

Course Contents

1. Introduction

  • Introduction

  • CoreOS And The Future Of Application Development

  • How To Access Your Working Files

2. CoreOS Basics

  • Application Containers

  • Docker

  • CoreOS

3. CoreOS Subsystems

  • Container Runtime

  • etcd

  • Fleet

4. Launching A Development CoreOS Cluster

  • Install Dependencies And Boot Your First Cluster

  • systemd

  • Starting Units with Fleet

  • Fleet Unit Templates

  • Global Units

  • Dockerized Service

  • etcd And etcdctl

  • Troubleshooting CoreOS Services

  • Toolbox

5. Deploying A Database-Backed Web Application

  • Service Discovery With etcd

  • Overview Of Deployment

  • Deploying RethinkDB Database

  • Deploying Web Application

  • Load Balancing With NGINX & confd

  • Load Balancing With HAProxy & confd

6. CoreOS In Production

  • CoreOS In Production

  • etcd In Production

  • Cloud-Config

  • Deploy CoreOS To Cloud Provider

  • Deploy App To CoreOS In Cloud

  • Scaling Up And Down

  • Monitoring CoreOS

  • Monitoring Containers

  • Centralized Logging

7. Advanced Topics

  • Firewalls, EC2 Security Groups, etc.

  • Oneshot Units For Configuration Management

  • Software Defined Networks – Flannel

  • Building On CoreOS

8. Kubernetes

  • Overview

  • Terminology

  • Installing On CoreOS

  • Create Pod

  • Create Replication Controller

  • Create Service

  • Create Public Service

  • Setup DNS

  • Setup Kubernetes UI



CoreOS Training in Chennai,


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