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5 Reasons To Learn Hadoop

Big Data and Hadoop skill could mean the difference between having your dream career and getting left behind. Dice has  quoted, “Technology professionals should be volunteering for Big Data projects, which makes them more valuable to their current employer and more marketable to other employers.” 1. Career with Hadoop: According to 90 executives who participated […]

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Big Data is benefiting businesses

How Big Data is benefiting businesses and society Understanding Big Data is one thing, but unlocking the many advantages that it can offer businesses ad society is sometimes not as straightforward. However, companies with masses of data at their disposal and the analytical tools required to process them are already beginning to reap Big Data […]

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Big Data Security Analytics

Hadoop driving big data projects as scalability and open source nature prove popular While the world of big data has a variety of tools and applications to enable users to process and analyse their data, much of the attention has focused on the Hadoop platform and solutions based on it. One of the most exciting […]

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Big Data Analytics Training in Chennai – BigDataTraining.IN

BIG Data Analytics Pipeline Big Data Analytics Training in Chennai  : “Big Data Analytics” has recently been one of the hottest buzzwords.  It is a combination of “Big Data” and “Deep Analysis”.  The former is a phenomenon of Web2.0 where a lot of transaction and user activity data has been collected which can be mined for […]

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What is Big Data – A complete overview

What is Big Data? Big Data is the term used to describe our ability to make sense of the ever-increasing volumes of data in the world. Whether you call it big data, analytics, business intelligence or data analysis doesn’t really matter that much. What does matters is that we can now collect and analyse data […]

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Big Data For Success – BigDataTraining.IN

How Startups Can Leverage Big Data For Success Big data and analytics have exploded across industries and professions. Yet more than one-third of startups aren’t leveraging big data to their advantage. In less than five years, the world is expected to have 50 times the amount of data that we have today, so it’s important […]

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Contest – on Big Data – Ingest – Analyse – Report & Win!

We are excited to announce our Series of Big Data Contests on Huge Data-sets –  on various domains Finance E-Commerce Marketing Social Media Prediction Task 1: DataSet: Enron Email DataSet Source: Points: 100 Deadline: Oct 12, 2013 Team Size: 2 – 4 Problem Statement: a/ Identify top 10 hot email Conversations (i.e most emails with same Subject line – includes reply […]

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HDInsight Training

HDInsight Training Microsoft has begun to treat its developer community to a number of Hadoop-y releases related to its HDInsight (Hadoop in the cloud) service, and it’s worth rounding up the material. Students will learn to develop applications and analyze big data stored in Apache Hadoop running on Microsoft Windows. Students will learn the details […]

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Hadoop v2 YARN Training

Hadoop v2 YARN Training Apache Hadoop is right at the heart of the Big Data revolution. In the brand-new Release 2, Hadoop’s data processing has been thoroughly overhauled. The result is Apache Hadoop YARN, a generic compute fabric providing resource management at datacenter scale, and a simple method to implement distributed applications such as MapReduce […]

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Cassandra Training

Apache Cassandra Training Learn everything you need to succeed with Apache Cassandra. Topics include: NoSQL data modeling, columns and column families, Super Columns, Compaction, SSTables, MemTables, NodeTool, the C* API, indexing, secondary indexes, composite columns, sorted lists, time series data, Hadoop, Hive, Pig, and Solr. BigDataTraining.IN – We Support both Apache Cassandra & Datastax Cassandra […]

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