Building Smart Homes with Raspberry Pi Training


Raspberry Pi Zero is the perfect complement for the home automation projects. It is for enthusiasts and programmers or those new to the field, who want to build powerful and inexpensive home automation projects.

With this, you will know the process of building a thermostat that will regulate the temperature inside your home automatically, control electrical appliances, and learn how to control lamps, LED Lights, and other electrical applications.

Integrate all you have learned at the end, you’d have expanded your knowledge of the Raspberry Pi Zero. You would eventually have the capacity to build automated home projects.


Building Smart Homes with Raspberry Pi Training



  • Learn to control lamps, LED lights, and other electrical applications including connecting cameras, motion detectors, and alarms
  • Know automated devices with the use of cloud-based services from various Raspberry Pi Zero applications
  • Build a whole home automation system with the use of Pi Zero



1: Configuring Your Raspberry Pi Zero Board

2: Measure Data Using Your Raspberry Pi Zero Board

3: Building a Smart Home Thermostat

4: Controlling Appliances from the Raspberry Pi Zero

5: Making a Smart Plug with the Raspberry Pi Zero

6: Sending Notifications using Raspberry Pi Zero

7: Use the Raspberry Pi Zero to Build a Security System

8: Monitor Your Home from the Cloud

9: Control Appliances from Anywhere

10: Building a Home Automation System with Raspberry Pi Zero Boards


Building Smart Homes with Raspberry Pi Training

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