BigData Consulting

BigDataTraining.IN provides full lifecycle of Big Data solutions from requirement analysis, platform selection, architecture design, application design, development, testing, administration and maintenance of Hadoop solutions.

We will enable organizations to capture, mine, index and provision very large sets of data to gain insight into understanding customer preferences leveraging burgeoning data assets and generate BI reports and analytics.

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We at BigDataTraining.IN provide end-to-end Development, Implementation & provide consulting Services for Big data, Hadoop ecosystem and Related Technologies.

Companies are leveraging their data to gain valuable new insights into their businesses and customers. If you’re not sure how to get started on big data, our Expert team can help. Contact us today to find out more.

Key areas of Expertise

  • Big Data Analytics, Unstructured data

  • Integrating data from Facebook ,Twitter & other Social Media.

  • Near Realtime Big Data Processing

  • Automated Big Data Solutions

  • Predictive Analysis & Machine Learning

  • Statistical algorithms

  • Strong application design and implementation skills

  • Experience in design and implementation of large data warehouse systems involving data volumes to the order of 50+ Terabytes

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We have the technology and experience to develop futuristic, scalable and robust solutions for your business needs.

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