Big Data Services

Hadoop development solutions:

  • Implementing standard Hadoop extensions (Eg: Hbase, Hive, Pig, etc.) Designing and implementing Map Reduce programs using Hadoop API
  • Deploying Hadoop on private or public clouds
  • Designing data structures for NoSQL solutions based on Cassandra, Mongo DB and Couch DB
  • Migrating data from RDBMS to NoSQL
  • Debug monitor and optimize Hadoop solutions.

NoSQL Database Projects


Selecting and implementing the right Big Database can make the difference between success and failure. Our consultants are experts in NoSQL implementations and bring their consultative experience to your problem. We provide expert consulting in:

  • Document-oriented database, key/value stores, peer data stores, horizontally scalable RDBMS and object stores
  • Deep experience in MongoDB, Cassandra and Couchbase
  • Designing data structures for NoSQL solutions
  • Migrating from RDBMS to NoSQL

Hadoop Administration:

  • Installation and configuration of Hadoop clusters following best practices
  • Configuration file management
  • HDFS: Loading and processing of data with CLI and API
  • Monitoring and optimizing Hadoop clusters.
  • Recovery from NameNode failure
  • DataNode failure handling
  • Adding new nodes
  • Upgrading and removing nodes
  • Changing configuration
  • Rebalancing Hadoop clusters
  • Log file management

Analytics Solutions:

  • Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) very large data sets of data (using Informatica, Pentaho etc.)
  • Cleansing very large data sets
  • Designing and implementing analytic routines
  • Creating reports and dashboards (using Microstrategy, Cognos and Pentaho etc.)
  • Implementing data archival & restoration strategies for very large data sets

Machine Learning Projects


Machine learning on Big Data represents the next wave of innovation. BigDataTraining.IN provides consulting expertise on the use Apache Mahout on Hadoop. Services include:

  • Feasibility analysis to determine if your problem is a good fit for machine learning on Hadoop
  • Algorithm designs and evolutions
  • Algorithm implementations

BigDataTraining.IN consultants specialize in Big Data solutions on Hadoop and the related ecosystem. Please contact us to learn more about our solutions.