Azure Cloud Training Bangalore

Azure Cloud Training Bangalore

Windows Azure is a scalable and highly available platform that facilitates users to develop, deploy and host web applications. Windows Azure is:

The Azure Advantage : Azure Cloud Training Bangalore

Azure is an ultimate platform for all your development, deployment and debug related worries without making any special arrangements for the platform components.

Working with a PaaS like Azure provides certain exclusive features and that’s why being so favorite of the developers:

    To enable the developers creating applications that are highly available and scalable, Azure provides a cloud platform fully equipped with the software, machines and the load balancers thereby reliving the developers from nightmares of arranging all these.

The support for tables, blobs and queues is available as a storage service from Azure that eliminates all worries of developers and lets them concentrate on developing the effective business logics.


Azure Cloud Training Bangalore

Azure Cloud Training in Bangalore

Course Overview

This course is designed for IT professionals looking to understand the Microsoft Azure Infrastructure components, including virtual machines, virtual networks, migrating, extending, running, managing and monitoring common workloads in the cloud. The course will guide student through the process of managing virtual machines, web sites, and cloud services in Microsoft Azure.


Course Outline

Introduction to Microsoft Azure

  • Describe cloud computing
  • Understand IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS
  • Plan for cloud computing
  • Understand Private, Public, and Hybrid clouds
  • Sign up for Microsoft Azure
  • Use certification-based authentication with Microsoft Azure
  • Describe Azure Subscriptions
  • Describe Azure Accounts
  • Describe the various components of Microsoft Azure


Azure Services

  • Describe Azure Compute Services
  • Describe Azure Data Services
  • Describe Azure App Services
  • Describe Azure Networks


Azure Data Services

  • Describe Azure storage
  • Create a storage account
  • Create affinity group
  • Describe Azure SQL Database
  • Describe Blob storage
  • Implement Azure storage
  • Describe tables in Microsoft Azure
  • Migrate Data to Microsoft Azure


Azure Network Services

  • Implement a virtual network
  • Connect a virtual network to on-premises network
  • Configure DNS for a virtual network
  • Configure Traffic Manager
  • Describe supported VPN devices and configurations
  • Use network configuration files to configure a virtual network


Azure Compute Services

  • Describe Azure Web Sites
  • Implement a web site
  • Understand Azure Cloud Service
  • Implement a cloud service
  • Understand virtual machines in Microsoft Azure
  • Implement and manage virtual machines in Microsoft Azure
  • Migrate applications and virtual machines to Microsoft Azure


Azure Data Management

  • Implement HDInsight
  • Describe HDInsight
  • Understand MapReduce
  • Understand Azure Recovery Services
  • Implement Azure Backup Describe


Azure Cloud Training Bangalore



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