AWS Lumberyard Game Development Training


                   3D games are what’s composed of the modern gaming world nowadays. With the help of AWS Lumberyard Game Development, you will be able to effectively create amazing 3D graphics for multiplayer games with cloud-based features. The features of Amazon’s Lumberyard can also help you create the game from scratch using the best approaches.


                Also, you will be able to learn how to interact with Twitch for live streaming as you plan to build your game. This will also provide you a step-by-step guide that will make you learn how to create cross-platform games for your needs in developing a multiplayer experience that gamers will definitely get hooked up to.


AWS Lumberyard Game Development Training




  • Create a wonderful type of gameplay by adding a multiplayer feature for your games.
  • Use Geppetto for 3D character creation and rendering.
  • Use Lumberyard to create awesome game environments.
  • Debug and play the game you just made.
  • Intergrade with cloud services from Amazon in order to fully enable cloud storage and computing.
  • Use Twitch for live interactions with gamers





  • Welcome to the Lumberyard
  • Planning your Game in the Lumberyard
  • Constructing an Immersive 3D Game World
  • Creating 3D Characters
  • Animating your Characters
  • Creating Gameplay
  • Creating Multiplayer Gameplay
  • Bringing your Game to Life with Audio and Sound Effects
  • Employing Cloud Computing and Storage
  • Engaging with Users using Twitch
  • Providing your Game to the World
  • Stretching your Lumberyard Wings



AWS Lumberyard Game Development Training

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