AWS Lambda Training

AWS Lambda with Node.js

AWS Lambda is changing the way that we build systems in the cloud. This new compute service in the cloud runs your code in response to events, automatically managing the compute resources for you.

This makes it dead simple to create applications that respond quickly to new information. Lambda is the backbone of Serverless Computing with AWS.

This is a comprehensive course that will teach you how to write, deploy, scale and manage lambda functions. Armed with this knowledge you’ll be able to architect solutions from tiny composable microservices that scale massively and respond almost in real time.

In this course we’ll take you through the entire Lambda journey.

From setting up your local environment, writing your first Lambda function, to deploying interesting and unique lambda functions that will help you massively scale your operations.

AWS Lambda Training


The hands on labs will show you how to write Lambda functions that:

Run when files change in S3 (eg. image thumbnail generation, metadata extraction, indexing etc)
Run when tables are updated in DynamoDB (eg. analytics/trend detection, auditing, etc)
Run when kinesis messages are received (eg. notification generation, message filtering, etc)

What are the pre-requisites for this Course?

A little bit of coding experience helps — ie. what is a function, a variable, etc

Some experience using the command-line/terminal helps


Who should go for this Course?

AWS Absolute Beginners. No prior AWS experience necessary.

Developers who want to build micro-services

Developers who want to build massively scalable systems

Solution architects (not just developers) who want to understand more about Lambda

Course Contents

An Introduction To Lambda

Why Lambda
How Lambda Works
Example Workflow

AWS Lambda Core Concepts

Lambda Essentials
Event-driven Fundamentals
Understanding Lambda Limits

Creating Our First Lambda Function

Toolbar Setup
Blueprints and Handlers
Using The Console
Create The Function
Testing And Logging

AWS Lambda Hands-on

Creating a Node.js Lambda Function
Creating Lambda Functions With The CLI
Managing Push Events And Permissions With The CLI
Testing Functions With The CLI
Managing Pull Events And Event Source Mappings With The CLI
Retrieving Lambda CloudWatch Logs From The CLI
Testing Node.js Functions Locally
Invoking Functions With HTTP Calls Via Amazon API Gateway
Daily EBS Snapshots With Scheduled Events
Better Development Workflow With Versions And Aliases
Versions And Aliases With The Command Line Interface
Using CloudFormation With Lambda
Live Lab: Creating EBS Snapshots with Lambda

Expanding Our Knowledge with Lambda & S3

Install The AWS Command Line Tool
Create An S3 Bucket
Creating A Function And Trigger
Updating Lambda Functions With The AWS CLI
Testing And Function Invocation
Function Versions And Qualifiers
Function Outputs And Timeouts

Create Image Thumbnails On Upload To S3

Resizing Lambda Function Walkthrough
Using CloudFormation To Create Our AWS Environment
S3 Upload With Node.js Application Walkthrough
Wrapping Up And Customizing

Send Notifications To Slack On Newsletter Registration With API Gateway, Lambda, and S3

Creating A Slack Webhook And Lambda Function Walkthrough
Testing And Uploading The Lambda Function
Setting Up API Gateway To Invoke The Lambda Function
Creating a Static S3 Website and Mapping it to API Gateway
Wrapping Up and Customizing

Serverless Newsletter Registration With DynamoDB, API Gateway, Lambda, and S3

DynamoDB Table and Lambda Function Creation
Deploying an API With Amazon API Gateway
Application Walkthrough and Creating an S3 Static Site
Wrapping Up and Customizing

Reacting to Event Streams with Lambda & Kinesis

Introduction To Kinesis
Create A Stream And Function Trigger
Test The Function
End To End Testing With Kinesis Event

Creating Data-Driven Apps with Lambda & DynamoDB

Introduction To DynamoDB
About Function Triggers And Tables
Create And Test The Function
Testing With Live Data

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