AWS Cloud Training Chennai

AWS Cloud Training Chennai

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is to open new data centres in Frankfurt, Germany, allowing businesses to benefit from protection from European and German privacy laws.


AWS cloud training Chennai is an alternative to traditional hosting often offering more flexibility at a better price. A big concern for many is data security. The cloud providers do a lot to ensure this and encryption can be used on stored data for extra security.

AWS Cloud Services

    Web services (SOAP and REST).
    Database (SQL and NoSQL).
    Web applications (ASP.NET & PHP).

What are the benefits?

    Scalability – scale up or down for a fixed rate per user or service.
    Pay for usage.
    No hardware to manage.
    More options than traditional hosting.
    Global – easy to move service to other regions for optimal performance.
    Very strong security.

aws cloud training chennai


Course Outline


  • What Is The Cloud?
  • Scalability And Costs In The Cloud
  • Cloud Impacts On Architecture
  • Creating A Cloud Account With AWS

Amazon Web Services Overview

  • AWS Value Propositions
  • Regions And Availability Zones
  • Introduction To Service Families
  • Roll Your Own Vs. AWS-Supplied Services
  • Interfaces: Web GUI, APIs, And SDK
  • Introduction To Authentication And Authorization

EC2 Virtual Servers

  • Instance Types, Security Groups, Keypairs, And User Data
  • EC2 Disk Options: EBS Vs. Ephemeral
  • Spinning Up Your First EC2 Server And SSHing In
  • EC2 Gotchas: Keypairs, DNS Changes, Etc.
  • Templatizing Servers With AMIs
  • EBS: Snapshots, Attaching, And Detaching
  • Pricing Model For EC2
  • Making An AMI

Elastic Load Balancers

  • Elastic Load Balancers: Introduction
  • Elastic Load Balancers: Lab
  • AutoScaling And CloudWatch
  • Using AutoScaling and CloudWatch
  • CloudFormation
  • Setting Up A CloudFormation
  • Storage In AWS
  • Available Storage Types: S3, RDS, And Dynamo
  • Relational Database Service
  • Provisioning An RDS

Simple Storage Service

  • Introduction To S3
  • Advanced Features Of S3
  • S3 Hands On
  • S3 Cmd Tool Setup And Usage


  • A Quick Tour of CloudFront


  • Provisioning An ElastiCache Instance

Virtual Private Cloud

  • Introduction To VPC
  • Advanced VPC: Networking, Stacks, Etc.

Simple Notification Service

  • Introduction To SNS
  • Use Cases And Best Practices

Simple Email Service

  • SES – An In-Depth Look
  • Simple Queuing Service
  • Overview Of Queues
  • Introduction To SQS
  • SQS Use Cases

Identity And Access Management (IAM)

  • Introduction To IAM
  • IAM Advanced Topics
  • IAM Hands On

Route 53
A Close Look At Route 53

Building A 3 Tier Scalable Web Application In The Cloud
Application Overview
Download And Modify CloudFormation Template – Part 1
Download And Modify CloudFormation Template – Part 2
Download And Modify CloudFormation Template – Part 3
Build Stack With CloudFormation
Review Stack In Web GUI
Simulating Load On The Application

AWS cloud training Chennai

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