Apache Storm Training Chennai

Apache Storm Training Chennai

Introduction to Apache Storm

Apache Storm – this swiss Army knife for data integration can be used for real time processing. We will look at Storm’s architecture, use cases where Storm is a good fit, its ability to scale, and go through a typical use case reading from a queue and writing to a persistence store..


Apache Storm Training Chennai

Apache Storm training course is designed to provide knowledge and skills for real time analytics of wide variety of streamed data. Apache Storm is powerful, distributed, real time computation system. Storm is a well-developed, stable and fun to use framework for enterprise grade real time big data analysis.


  • Basic Understanding Of Java or similar Programming Languages

Course Contents:

1. Introduction of Big Data and Storm

Learning Objectives – In this module you’ll get the understanding of Big Data world, Batch Analytics, Real Time Analytics, Storm for Real Time Analytics, Basics of Storm, its origin, architecture and its comparison with Hadoop.

Topics – Topics covered:

  • What is Big data?
  • Big Data Analytics: Batch Vs Real Time
  • Hadoop for Batch Analytics
  • Shortcomings of Hadoop
  • Storm for Real Time Analytics
  • What is Storm?
  • Use Cases of Storm
  • Components of Storm
  • Properties of Storm
  • Storm Vs Hadoop

2. Storm Technology Stack and Groupings

Learning Objectives – In this module you’ll learn Storm Installation, different run modes of Storm, creating a simple Storm program and different topologies available in Storm.

Topics – Topics covered:

  • Storm Installation
  • Storm Running Modes
  • Creating First Storm Topology
  • Topologies in Storm

3.  Spouts and Bolts

Learning Objectives – In this module you’ll learn about Spouts and Bolts, two basic building blocks of any Storm topology.

Topics – Topics covered:

  • Reliable Vs Unreliable Messages
  • Getting Data
  • Bolt Lifecycle
  • Bolt Structure
  • Reliable Vs Unreliable Bolts

4. Trident Topologies

In this module you’ll learn about Trident

Learning Objectives – Topologies, a new feature included in Storm to handle failures.

Topics – Topics covered:

  • Design
  • Trident in Storm
  • Spout
  • RQ Class
  • Co-ordinator
  • Emitter
  • Bolt
  • Committer Bolts
  • Partitioned Transactional Spouts

5. Real Life Storm Project

Learning Objectives – In this module we’ll discuss first real life project, its set up, code and execution.


Apache Storm Training Chennai


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