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Apache MXNet


Apache MXNet Programmable Portable High Performance Near linear scaling across hundreds of GPUs Highly efficient models for mobile and IoT Simple syntax, multiple languages Most Open Best On AWS Optimized for Deep Learning on AWS Accepted into the Apache Incubator

The Basics section contains tutorials on manipulating arrays, building networks, loading/preprocessing data, etc.

The Training and Inference section talks about implementing Linear Regression, training a Handwritten digit classifier using MLP and CNN, running inferences using a pre-trained model, and lastly, efficiently training a large scale image classifier.




Course Contents

NDArray – Imperative tensor operations on CPU/GPU
Array Creation
Printing Arrays
Basic Operations
Indexing and Slicing
Shape Manipulation

Advanced Topics
GPU Support
Serialize From/To (Distributed) Filesystems
Lazy Evaluation and Automatic Parallelization

Symbol – Neural network graphs and auto-differentiation
Basic Symbol Composition
Basic Operators
Basic Neural Networks
More Complicated Composition
Modularized Construction for Deep Networks
Group Multiple Symbols
Relations to NDArray
Symbol Manipulation
Customized Symbol

Module – Neural network training and inference
Creating a Module
Intermediate-level Interface
High-level Interface

Iterators – Loading data

Training and Inference

Linear Regression
Preparing the Data
MXNet Classes
Defining the Model
Training the model
Using a trained model: (Testing and Inference)

Handwritten Digit Recognition
Loading Data
Multilayer Perceptron
Convolutional Neural Network

Predict with pre-trained models
Feature extraction

Large Scale Image Classification
Disk space
Download ImageNet
Remove uncommon classes for transfer learning (optional)
Generate a validation set
Pack images into record files

Run Training


Troubleshooting guidelines
Validation accuracy

Sparse NDArray
CSRNDArray – NDArray in Compressed Sparse Row Storage Format
Advantages of Compressed Sparse Row NDArray (CSRNDArray)
Compressed Sparse Row Matrix
Example Matrix Compression
Array Creation
Inspecting Arrays
Storage Type Conversion
Indexing and Slicing
Sparse Operators and Storage Type Inference
Data Loading

RowSparseNDArray – NDArray for Sparse Gradient Updates
Train a Linear Regression Model with Sparse Symbols


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