Apache Flink Training

Apache Flink is an open source platform for distributed stream and batch data processing. It offers expressive APIs to define data flow programs as well as a robust and scalable engine to execute these programs.

What will you Learn

  1. How to setup an environment to develop Flink programs
    • Setup all required software and tools and configure an IDE
    • Create a Maven project for Flink programs and import it into an IDE
    • Execute and debug a Flink program locally in an IDE
  2. How to implement Flink programs using
    • Exercises for Flink batch programs using the DataSet API
  3. How to package, execute, and monitor Flink programs on running Flink systems


Apache Flink Training

Course Outline:

  • Overview
    • Architecture
    • Internals
  • DataSet API
    • Iteration
    • Delta Operations
  • DataStream API
    • Exactly once processing
    • Continuous streaming
    • Micro batch
    • Fault Tolerance
  • Table API
    • The Flink Table DSL
    • Flink SQL like syntax
  • Overview of Machine Learning in Flink
  • Integrating Flink with other Big Data projects
    • Hadoop
    • YARN
    • Kafka


Apache Flink Training Chennai



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