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Apache Cassandra Training – Corporate / Classroom / Online Modes

BigDataTraining.IN – Trainings provided for both Apache Cassandra & Datastax Cassandra Editions

Apache Cassandra is a second-generation distributed database originally open-sourced by Facebook. Its write-optimized shared-nothing architecture results in excellent performance and scalability.

Cassandra moves away from the master-slave model and instead uses a peer-to-peer model. This means there is no single master but all the nodes are potentially masters. This makes the writes and reads extremely scalable and even allows nodes to function in cases of partition tolerance.

BigDataTraining.IN Offers end-to-end training, consulting & managed services for Cassandra with BigData Stack Integration.

Introducing Cassandra

Distributed and Decentralized

Elastic Scalability

High Availability and Fault Tolerance

Tuneable Consistency

Brewer’s CAP Theorem



High Performance

Use Cases for Cassandra

Large Deployments

Lots of Writes, Statistics, and Analysis

Geographical Distribution

Evolving Applications

Installing Cassandra

Running Cassandra

Starting the Server

Running the Command-Line Client Interface

Basic CLI Commands

Hands-on Session


The Cassandra Data Model

The Relational Data Model

A Simple Introduction



Hands-on Session


Column Families

Column Family Options


Wide Rows, Skinny Rows

Column Sorting

Super Columns

Composite Keys

The Cassandra Architecture

System Keyspace


Gossip and Failure Detection

Anti-Entropy and Read Repair

Memtables, SSTables, and Commit Logs

Hinted Handoff


Bloom Filters


Hands-on Session


Basic Client API



Hands-on Session


Reading and Writing Data

Setup and Inserting Data

Using a Simple Get

Seeding Some Values

Hands-on Session

Integrating Hadoop

What Is Hadoop?

Working with MapReduce

Cassandra Hadoop Source Package

Running the Word Count Example

Outputting Data to Cassandra

Hadoop Streaming

Hands-on Session

Tools Above MapReduce



Case Studies

Proof of Concept – Cassandra

Hands-on Session

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