AngularJS Training Chennai

AngularJS Training Chennai

AngularJS is a Google-backed JavaScript framework that simplifies the development of single-page applications and other web page JavaScript widgets. It is one of several modern frameworks that are revolutionizing web development by bringing a fresh, more professional orientation to application building. Developers will love working with the framework, which allows them to focus their time on actual logic, instead of having to deal with repetitive tasks such as rendering and event binding.


What will you LearnAngularJS Training Chennai


  • Build a full featured single-page web application with clean structure up to the standards of a real-life project
  • A faster, more pleasant coding experience for developers, focusing on actual logic and avoiding repetitive tasks such as code scaffolding
  • Ensure that the application will be easy to maintain, extend, modify, debug, and test using AngularJS
  • Learn about every aspect of Angular applications: views, logic, data layers, and configuration to build a dazzling app


Introducing AngularJS will guide you through all the aspects of an Angular application, start-to-finish, view logic to data layer and persistence. You will learn how Angular makes developers lives easier by taking care of rendering and event handling, giving you more time to focus on what you love: the actual logic of the app. With Yeoman, you will also guarantee the quick creation of new views, routes, and controllers, without ever having to create a file manually.



Course Outline

1 : Getting Started with an Angular Project

The Course Overview

“Angularizing” Your Existing Web Page

Bootstrapping an Angular Application

2 : Controllers and Templates

Defining a Controller

Displaying Data Dynamically

Repeating Content for All Items in a List

Area of Influence of a Controller

3 : User Interactions and Data Binding

Adding Interactions to the Template

Creating Corresponding Controller Logic

Reading Data from the Template

Conditionally Showing/Hiding Elements

4 : App Routing

Route Declaration and the ng-view Directive

Creating New Routes

Routing with Parameter

Creating Links

5 : Loading External Data

Making AJAX Calls via $http

Handling Responses via Success and Error Callbacks

Building GET and POST Requests

Making Cross-domain Requests Using JSONP

6 : Introducing Services

Separating the Loading of Data from the Controller

Introducing the “factory” Type of Service

Injecting Your Own Services

Implementing Persistence

AngularJS Training Chennai

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