Akka Training

Akka: Create scalable, concurrent and reactive applications


Creating a multi-threaded application is known to be a crucial thing indeed since it needs a huge task to be divided into smaller forms while running it with a program at the same time.

Gladly, there’s Akka that can help you in distributed computing in a better way thanks to its Actor model. This model enables developers to create a better distributed application using Jave and Scale in an easier and more efficient way.


Akka  Training



  • Use the actor model for parallel execution of programs.
  • Create domain-driven design
  • Leverate Akka Persistence and Cassandra for your entities.
  • Build graphs for processing with the help of Graph Builder DSL
  • Learn backpressure handling in Akka Streams



  • Building a Better Reactive App
  • Simplifying Concurrent Programming with Actors
  • Curing Anemic Models with Domain-Driven Design
  • Making History with Event Sourcing
  • Separating Concerns with CQRS
  • Going with the Flow with Akka Streams
  • REST Easy with Akka HTTP
  • Scaling Out with Akka Remoting/Clustering
  • Managing Deployments with ConductR


Troubleshooting and Best Practices


Akka  Training

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